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Alexis Faere Grandma Prayers

Whispers of Love: 365 Wonder-Filled Prayers for Grandma

Whether you are a grandma, have a grandma, or miss your grandma, Whispers of Love 365 Wonder-Filled Prayers for Grandma offers unique daily prayers just for you. Step into a world of enchantment and heartfelt devotion with Whispers of Love, a delightful daily prayer book designed especially for grandmas.

With Alexis Faere’s whimsical approach to prayer, Whispers of Love invites readers of all ages to connect with this essential, timeless relationship and gently express their deepest emotions. Within the pages of this heartwarming treasury of simple and wonder-filled prayers, Alexis Faere offers readers an avenue for helping grandmothers feel seen, accepted, and appreciated.

grandma prayer book

Overflowing with warmth, humor, and boundless love, this whimsical collection of prayers is a treasure trove of inspiration, guiding grandmas through each day with grace and gratitude. Each prayer is a gentle reminder of the profound impact grandmas have on their families, communities, and the world at large.

Whispers of Love reminds us to cherish these relationships and special moments which are often overlooked in today’s busy world. It offers new layers of understanding, solace, and reflection with each reading.

Whispers of Love

Whispers of Love

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Graceful Whispers

Graceful Whispers

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Alexis Faere

Alexis Faere

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Whispers of Love is a delightful book of 365 prayers the author wrote for her grandmother. The author writes in the forward how she was inspired to write these prayers as a way deepen her connection with her grandma who she rarely saw. As you read through the pages, you’ll find prayers full of fanciful musings, deep questions, and light hearted curiosities in what is essentially a year long conversation with God.

In the author’s quest to connect with her grandmother, she also explores her relationship with God. Anyone looking for a gift for a special grandmother or who enjoys whimsical books about children navigating the world through reflection and prayer will love this book. While it is a book of Christian prayers, it’s more spiritual than religious. Also, the book arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Leddzz

“In Whispers of Love, I love how Alexis expresses her love for her grandma in such a creative way, using a dash of humor. This book is very creative and such a joy to read. May this book inspire others to let their grandmas know how much they are loved.” —Elizabeth Moncus

“As a child, my grandmother taught by example what it means to love without condition. Now that I am a grandmother, I can only hope to fill that role with the same grace, wit, and wisdom. Whispers of Love captures the uniqueness of this relationship perfectly.” —Melinda F. Whispers of Love

Whispers of Love - My Thoughts

Many years ago, as a young adult, I became increasingly aware of the gaps between my grandmother’s way of life and mine. We loved each other, but we didn’t talk much about what was inside our hearts and how we dealt with day-to-day life. I wanted to do something to close that gap; to deepen our connection and find creative ways for us to relate to one another, given the generation gap.

alexis faere
Alexis Faere

Grandma was very traditional in her Christian belief system. We both operated within Christian beliefs; but our approaches were different. One language I knew Grandma related to was prayer. So I created a collection of prayers, one for each day of the year, for my grandmother and I to share through the course of the year. AlexisFaere.com

In my whimsical, delightful spirit, I found ways to relate to her, her daily joys and challenges that created some commonality between us. I used this vehicle to talk about feelings we all have as human beings and used my voice in conversation with God to talk about these things, as prayers.

My re-discovery of this treasure led me to realize there might be other people out there who could benefit from these sharings—in their relationships with their grandmas. So, I created this book for you!


“This book is a balm for my soul!! Whispers of Love

As I read each word, I could feel my own heart quietly awaken as my mind drifted to others I know and as I said my own prayer for them! What a blessing this will be for ‘all ages’ who might use it for their own faith journey, blessing, and relationships.” —Dr. Randy Wild

“Whispers of Love… I bought this book for my grandmother so we could read it together. I’m amazed how thought-provoking these little prayers are for us. It gives us meaningful things to talk about.” —Jenna Simms

“Alexis has a magical formula in this book, for expressing playfulness, emotions, and deep gratitude for our grandmas. I imagine a little sprite sitting with my grandma as she reads these prayers. My grandmother appreciates the loving sentiments and we often find ourselves sharing stories about our lives when she talks about these prayers.” —Sandra Light  Whispers of Love

“If you’re looking for a gift to brighten your Nana’s day, this is a winning little gem! Alexis has found a way to help my Nana feel seen and heard. It’s like I get to spend a few moments with Nana every day.” —Jeremy Powell  Whispers of Love

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Prayer Examples From the Book

free hugs

January 7th

God? You know when your sunshine feels like a blanket of warmth? Could you help Grandma to feel that cuddly warmth sometime today? Sometimes the days are rather cold, and that sunshine warmth surely does a body good. Here’s a warm hug from me to Grandma. Thanks for helping her to feel my hugs.  Warmly…

grandpa loves grandma

January 23rd

Dear God, You know that Grandma loves Grandpa. When Grandma spends time with Grandpa, whether in her heart or in person. Thank you for the many blessings Grandma has because she shares her life with Grandpa. I know this is part of what makes Grandma who she is today. Thank you.

Potato Soup

April 5th

Mmmmmmmmm. Potato soup. Not just any potato soup – Grandma’s potato soup. Gentle Jesus, when Grandma says a blessing for a meal she has today, I’d really like it if you could give her the feeling of Grandma’s good potato soup in her belly. Yummmmmy.

Grandma Love

July 6th

Wise One, Waking up with a bit of sun peeking through the curtains and stretching all my parts in an energizing way to start my day and can be refreshing. Maybe Grandma will take time to have a good stretch today. And when she does, could you fill her cells with life and spunk? Eagerly…

My Grandparents were gracious, loving people, and well-established in their traditional Christian beliefs. I saw many gaps between their ‘way of life’ and the lives of their Grandchildren, myself included.

For most of their lives, I lived far away from my Grandparents. As they began to age, and as more permanent daily care was required for them, there was a part of me that became distinctly aware of that distance. It was a distance that somehow longed for closer proximity. I felt deeply about the changes they were facing, and I wanted to be supportive and loving in the best way I knew how.

My creative approach to this life experience was to write a daily ditty, if you will, that would give my Grandparents, my Grandma and my Grandpa, a short moment of personal time with me each day. I wanted those moments to be filled with understanding, spark joy, to be fun, and be introspective. I wanted to invite them into my inner world in a way that they could experience and appreciate.

Alexis Faere

Being the traditional Christians that they were, how better to reach them than to propose a daily prayer? They, after all, were religious in their own daily devotional and prayer time. It was their ‘language’ and their rhythm. It allowed me to lay a framework for us to be able to share with each other, to connect and in some way and respect one another in ways that we had not yet connected.

So, I set out to create a personal book for each of them, one for my Grandfather, and one for my Grandmother. The collection I’m offering here was the collection I offered to my Grandma.

Remember, this was written to be received by a person who had a belief system that was, shall we say, more stringent, perhaps, than my own. So, while the references to ‘God’, ‘Savior’, and so on, may not be your own personal favorite references, it is intended to be a prayer offered – however you may offer your own prayers, to whomever you may offer them.

Perhaps you’ve gifted this offering, as a Grandchild, to your own Grandmother. The point is that it is a moment of time, offered each day, for years on end, if wished; for a Grandchild to relate to a Grandparent in a kind, loving, supportive, and adventurous manner.

Enjoy these moments, and may your relationships grow and be blessed…

Graceful Whispers

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